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  1. Submit your site to the most relevant category. Submissions to wrong category will be deleted immediately.
  2. Individual pages (inside pages) of a site or sub domains are only accepted for Paid or Featured Listings.
  3. Your site cannot be "Under Construction"
  4. Do not submit mirror sites that have same content, but different URLs.
  5. Your site cannot be redirected the visitors to another site.
  6. The site must be in English.
  7. Sites consisting mainly of affiliate links are not accepted.
  8. Sites containing any adult materials will not be included.
  9. Sites containing gambling online games such as poker, bingo, roulette, bingo etc... will not not be accepted.
  10. Sites developed just for earning revenue from AdSense advertisements will not be included.
  11. Sites with poor design and with lot of advertisements in it, will not be accepted.
  12. Do not capitalize the first letter of every word or use ALL CAPS in descriptions.
  13. Submissions in Top Level Categories are allowed for Premium Listings only (Contact Us for Premium Listing)
  14. Extra keyword rich words in the title may be used for Featured Listings Only.
  15. Featured Listing (5 Free Deep Links): Guaranteed 12-24 hours review, Pay $59.95 One-Time Fee and get featured link. Your site will be listed above all other Reciprocal and Paid listings.
  16. Paid Listing (3 Deep Links): Guaranteed 12-24 hours review, individual pages of domain and sub-domains are accepted. Pay one time fee of only $29.95

Attention! Sites submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories will be removed. We reserve the right to post, modify or delete any information submitted.

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