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Date Added: May 13, 2011 01:47:47 PM

USO has kicked off “Honoring Our Heroes” campaign, New USO campaign by P&G and Kroger to honor our heroes is an initiative to serve the military men and women who use to serve the motherland. CEO of P&G Bob McDonald said, “Our commitment to the military men and women who serve dates back to the Civil War where we supplied the Union Army with soap and candles. This commitment continues today with our dedicated Military team.  Leveraging a strategic relationship with the USO enables us to connect our brands to American service members and their families while touching and improving their lives. We are excited to grow and develop this strategic relationship with the USO and our retail partners.”

P&G and Kroger honoring our heroes USO campaign will be beneficial for the armed troops and their families, a part from this it will also help P&G and Kroger to win more loyal customers. P&G Kroger Team Leader Mindy Thompson-Sherwood said, “This year alone, more than 50,000 troops will be returning home from active duty – having done their part to help keep our country and its citizen’s safe. This program allows us to help consumers express their own gratitude to all the men and women who make such great sacrifices for our country.”

Procter and Gamble Partners with Kroger to Support USO To Help American Troops and their Families

USO is providing innovative services and entertainment programs to American troops and their families since 70 years. Sloan Gibson USO president said, “We work every day through proven, cost-effective programs and services to relieve the tremendous burden our men and women in uniform shoulder on behalf of our nation. That is why partnerships with corporations like Kroger and P&G are so critical to our ongoing successes.” USO is operating and conducting its activities through 160 locations worldwide.

Lynn Marmer, group vice president of Corporate Affairs for Kroger “The Kroger family is delighted to partner with P&G and to support the USO and its many programs and services for our troops and their families, Our Honoring our Heroes program will help the USO assist even more men and women who serve our country. Kroger along with P&G has also designed a digital opportunity for the people i.e. “shake hands with a hero”; according to this offer first 50,000 web applicants will be able to win this opportunity along with discount offers from P&G on the selected products.


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