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Date Added: February 10, 2011 04:44:04 PM

Violence affects everyone; young or old, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. Every nine seconds a woman becomes the victim of her partner’s domestic violence in the world. Women all over the world are facing this problem which is getting more intense with every passing day. They are quietly bearing the inhuman treatment of their partners for years and years but never raise their voice against it. Women always stay quiet for the sake of their children, family, and home; and due to lack of financial resources they always make a compromise and keep on bearing the abusive treatment of their partners.

Avon Launches Year-long 125th Anniversary Celebration

Violence against women can be in the form of physical violence, emotional violence, sexual violence, verbal violence or psychological violence. Domestic violence ruins their lives and crushes their self esteem. They feel like being stuck without having any other choice.  Such helpless women start hating themselves for being in a relationship with such a partner. All such victims always want to stand up against the violence.  They wonder why their partners can’t just be nice with them. Why are they a victim of this cruelty? 

The abusive behavior of the men crushes the hopes, dreams and aims of their female life partners. They want to leave their partners but cannot make the decision, because they don’t want their children to lose their father. Men sometimes apologize for their abusive treatment but they don’t actually mean it. Women want to give their partners a chance to improve and change. But the fact is that they are never going to change. Despite the extreme urge to speak out against the violence, women just close their eyes, shut their mouths and let the abusive cycle continue.

Now the good news is that the women have the power to break this vicious cycle, to speak against domestic violence and to raise their voices against abuses. “Avon’s speak out against domestic violence program” is a platform through which women of any age, whether they themselves are victim of domestic violence or see it around themselves, can raise their voices against the abuse. This program can save the lives of many women, girls and even boys who would never think to raise their voices against this issue. Here at this platform, there are many people to help you. You are not alone. There is nothing that you cannot do. So, speak out for yourself and someone will surely listen to you. Go ahead and take the first step; speak out for yourself or for the one who cannot speak. Your voice can really make the difference.

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