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Date Added: January 07, 2011 07:42:20 AM

The life of a veteran is full of challenges and therefore they always have to be on alert to make sure there is no intrusion from the other side. Throughout their duty hours Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have to pay attention to each and every move they make and since they are not living in normal human conditions they have to live a rugged lifestyle which soon becomes a part of their mindset. This can be a challenge for them when they return back home because when they are home they are with a different set of people who don't about bombs and targets.

Coming Home

Veterans across the America are now facing huge problems when they return back home because they feel that they are not able to cope up with their friends and family who don't understand the basics of military. This is certainly becoming a growing issue in the United States as more than 1.7 million veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) feel that they are better off at battlefield rather than going home where they don't fit into the social world. As per the research there are 41% of the veterans in America that have been at one of these places and this can become a major issue in the future.

Hence, websites like has been launched that helps the veterans to live their life with all the fun and happiness. The website is specially launched for the veterans where they can discuss all the real time challenges and issues that they feel and go through when they are back home. They can talk to different veterans through the site and find some real time solutions. However, the website is not just about venting out feelings but also about some learning experience. Hence, the website provides them with options on career exploration where veterans can look out for different alternatives if they want to quit. They can also learn more about the personal values and personal attitude that they need to learn to be socially acceptable. They also get to learn more about money and time management which would keep them stable and organized.

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