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Date Added: December 08, 2010 08:14:05 AM

If you really want to know about the buying patterns then you should take a look at how people spend during festivals. In countries like United States, Christmas is the biggest festival of all and therefore you will find that people tend to spend a lot during the month of November and December because they want to buy things and services which they can gift to themselves or to their friends and family members. The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index has been really astonishing because none of the people had expected such numbers to come up. PNC Wealth Management has been working hard for last 27 years on the Christmas Price Index which shows the prices of gift items during Christmas and how people tend to purchase items during the festival period.

Cost For “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” Song Items Spike According To 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index®

Although, 2010 year hasn't been good for the American market many people were shocked to see that the index has moved up 9.2% for the current year. This means that people all over America are purchasing more items and more products for their Christmas. This also indicates that people have the purchasing power which they had saved for the entire year. The 2010 PNC Christmas Price Index survey is based on certain gift items that are a part of American lifestyle and therefore it can provide us with some hints as to how the American people are spending their income.

The 2010 price tag is $23,439 which is certainly $1,900 higher than what it was in the previous year. The index also indicates that this year has been the second highest jump in the last 27 years and even the highest jump since 2003 when the index went up to 16% for that particular year. The PNC Christmas Price Index does not influence the government indexes but it certainly provides a window to the people to take a look at how people across America are spending their income. Many people believe that since people are more inclined towards purchasing gold commodities the index shows such high percentage. On the other hand the entertainment service charges might have influence the buying patterns of the people.

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