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Date Added: November 26, 2010 06:35:54 AM

Do you enjoy cooking your own meals? Well, if you enjoy cooking you will definitely enjoy this rare kitchen reality show on your television which is known as Worst Cooks in America. This kitchen reality show has already received a huge public response in its first season when top Chef Anne Burrell won the title for it. However, the show is back on television and will be telecasted from January 2nd at 9pm Eastern and Pacific Time. However, the reality show is not about top chefs battling against each other but about the team recruits who will have to transform themselves from worst cooks to some of the finest cooks in the United States.

Owing to huge popularity this time there will be two top chefs competing against each other as Chef Robert Irvine will join the show and battle against the red team led by Chef Anne Burrell. The group will be 12 chefs which will be nominated by the people which will be further divided into two teams of 6 chefs. The top chefs Anne Burrell and Robert Irvine will have to teach their chefs about how to make the given cuisine and meals in minimum time provided but at the same time maintaining the taste of that cuisine.


Both the team recruits will have to go through a gruesome time where they will have to keep their patience and learn more on how to cook better to win a point for their team and to save themselves from getting eliminated. The recruits go through two enduring tests where they have to prove themselves to stay in the competition. The worst cook will be eliminated based on the progress report. The show has been quite comic in its own sense as recruits who don't know anything about cooking meals take on the challenge to be the best cook on the planet.

As per the research, Worst Cooks in America has already received a lot of public attention and is also one of the highest rated series in network history. Now with Chef Robert Irvine entering the game show people are ready for more spice and flavor.

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