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Date Added: November 10, 2010 11:12:30 AM

As a rallying call assisting the communication industry PR Newswire has released 3 of its white papers with a video as an aid to these papers. The primary target of these papers is to is to emphasize the urgency and efficacy of leveraging the multimedia content so as to so as to encourage customers in this channel. One can access these white papers and the video at
Several professionals from different sectors of the media be it professionals from field of marketing, public relations and investor relations have been working in order develop on the content and its delivery. For the past 56 years PR Newswire has been a global leader in the commercial news distribution and the social communication space.

PR Newswire has initiated a campaign by the name of “Engage Opportunity Everywhere” as a part of this release providing assistance for improving the brand positioning.


  • “Marketing is Content,”
  •  “PR Rising,”
  • “IR Rising,”

All the above are the names of the papers released and discusses the theme for succeeding in the current fragmented environment of the media today. The company advocates that there should be proper tools in order to optimize, target, and measure the contents which are released for the customers. These should have the capacity to engage customers and prove useful to them.

Engage Opportunity Everywhere

The CEO of the company believes that there had never been such a big opportunity available for the communication industry in terms of scope which is present at the present moment. 
As assistance to these the white papers emphasize on collaborative efforts to extract full value to the contents with a view point of better public relations, investor relations and marketing. The white papers emphasize on the need of collective efforts into extraction of the full value of content from the viewpoint of public relations, investor relations & marketing. “Marketing is Content” has emphasized particularly on this topic.

Also emphasized by the company is the content released should be rich in quality and authentic with a proper go through of the usability to the influencers.

The ‘IR Rising’ paper provides solutions as a view that companies today apply strategies which are delivered in form of rich and interesting contents and finally reaches the investors. Thus a content which is original and unique works perfectly fine in the present scenario.


The author writes articles on customer service related topics including engage customers.