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Date Added: October 29, 2010 07:39:44 AM

Market District a huge market place comes to the Columbus food market. It is a very first of its kind to be developed in Ohio and is the 4th multi format food retailer in the country. It is been promoted by Giant Eagle Inc. This market district is inspired form the open air markets of Europe. It has been named Kingsdale Market District food store and measures around 132,000 square-feet in area. It has all the things one can expect out of such a place which includes culinary, dining, & shopping destination.


Adam Richman who is the host of Man vs food program on Travel channel gave this place the name of ’heaven’s gift to foodies.’ Martha Stewart called it a veritable retail wonderland’. Guy Fieri a well known food celebrity gave the place the name of ’Disneyland of grocery stores’.
All the food enthusiasts would surely be attracted by the variety of food available here especially with the sight and the smell one would discover once at this place. Kingsdale Market District would be serving to the people of of the Central Ohio with its mix of unique food offerings. It features several food items from around the globe. Kinsdale also offers the region’s 1st Ohio State University Medical Center FastCare retail health clinic.

There are several popular brands available at this place at a very low price. Their offerings include some unique items such as crêpe station, a rösti bar, a sweet shop, & the finest in charcuterie domestic & imported cured meats.

The market district also features a demonstration kitchen where several national culinary celebrities would be visiting on a regular basis.

Pennsylvania is the place where the first market district came up in the year 2006. Also the 3rd market district was constructed to the west of Pittsburgh in the Robinson Township in the year 2009. This market district measures around 150000 sq. ft. People of Ohio are surely going to receive an opportunity or facility to enjoy some of the exotic food experience.

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