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Date Added: October 28, 2010 02:46:41 PM

A few meaningful innovations paired with some functional storage solutions are an ideal means to provide the homemakers the convenience to make their kitchen look beautiful. Merillat has taken an initiative to make this possible and deliver some tips to deliver to its customers. They are promoting the idea of ‘The Dream Kitchen for the Real World’ claiming to deliver both the functionality as well as the utility aspects through the Merillat kitchens. The reason due to which Merillat is taking these measures is the results that they obtained during a recent survey with its customers on kitchen storage.

Survey revealed that around 84% of the customers thought that the storage was the most important factor on deciding upon the kitchen designs. Also 54% of the respondents thought that storage facilities were critical for remodeling their kitchens.

The Brand and Communications Manager of the company feels that homeowners are generally u aware of the fact of the resources available to them and what actually is there for offering for their kitchens. As an initiative to help the customers Merillat has come up with the idea of redefining the ‘Dream Kitchen’. It has also collaborated with Curtis in order to promote this initiative better.

Initiatives by Merillat include:


  1. Fresh Website – A new look and a better functionality to a design of a kitchen provides for a better redesigning of kitchens that too more effectively and efficiently.
  2. Kitchen Planner Application– It also features a step-by-step guide assisting the homeowners to be best acquainted with the products that could be used for better features and styling of their kitchens.
  3. Air Interviews – On air over the TV channels Curtis,is taking interviews where the products of Merillat gets discussed along with few tips and tricks on easy cooking in order to promote this initiative in an more entertaining manner.
  4. Commercials –Some TV advertisements over channels like HGTV, Food Network, etc. demonstrate the idea on how simple it can be to be in a kitchen when designed in a right manner.

A kitchen is a place where the life of the house comes from so it should be well designed and arranged in right manner. To know more on the product offerings of Merillat, visit

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