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Date Added: October 20, 2010 02:21:19 PM

A bold new initiative has been taken by The Timberland Company to plant 5 million trees in the coming 5 years. The company has stated that planting trees needs to be thoughtful as well as a strategic process by a committed group and not a random throwing away of seeds and letting them grow. The pledge taken by Timberland Company is a bold step as well as has a bold vision behind it. With some support as well as sustained efforts this could lead to some meaningful impact and work out a long term solution. With this process of reforestation The Timberland Company proposes to create employment, alleviate hunger, protect wildlife, and preserve the environment.


The main concentration for planting these 5 million trees would be Haiti and China’s Horqin Desert which has been adversely affected due to deforestation.

As a measure of creating more awareness regarding the move and involve more and more people in the efforts Timberland has launched a new Facebook application by the name of 'Timberland Earth keepers Virtual Forest'. In this application people can plant trees and create a virtual forest of their own. The users can name their forests, add comments to their neighbours’ trees, and compare their ranks with each level they play.  The application also includes several videos whereby one can know about the initiative giving useful information about Timberland. The larger the virtual forest grows by the efforts of the player more would be the number of trees planted in the real world. Timberland plans to plant about 1million trees or plant till 31st October 2011 depending on the size of the virtual forest. These 1 million trees are besides the 5 million trees which have been scheduled to be planted in the years to come. This move by Timberland needs to be appreciated as a measure of creating a more secure environment and we all should contribute by whichever means we can, Virtual Forest being one of them.

To create your own forest, visit and to know more about Timberland, visit

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