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Date Added: October 18, 2010 08:17:39 AM

Decorating your house was never this simpler, one used to think that it takes a lot in order to transform and change the feel and look of a house. HGTV’s CHIP WADE & Levolor have come into collaboration with some tips that could help anybody to make a change in their house ambience and that too very easily. to design these handy tips which could make your home a new all over again. Levolor and Lowe have designed a new Custom Size window which has a new range of blinds and shades to help you select the best combinations and liven up your rooms.


Some of the tips suggested by Chip Wade in order to simplify the process of transformation of a room are:


  • Transform the Views: With the new Levolor Custom Size coming with a range of colour combinations and texture palettes one can select the appropriate one for their household and can change their style of widows in just a single day. IIt has been very well designed keeping in mind the provision for light and privacy requirements.
  • Reorganising the Furniture: The Simplest and most convenient way to change the look of your house are arranging the furniture. Some of the tips that need to be kept in mind are:
    o    A proper pathway should be maintained ideally 5 ft in width so as to provide appropriate space to the ambience.
    o    Proper scaling of furniture should be done with tall pieces of furniture kept at bay from the main area of the room.
  • Remake the old: Some old unused stuff lying ideal can be modified and used as a piece of art for decoration purpose which can be sometimes interesting.
  • Paint your world: New coat of paint can drastically bring a change to your rooms preferable soft colours work and darker colours should be avoided for small rooms.
  • The add-ons: Use of Vibrant colours space enhancing mirrors and funky pillows are also a very good option for a innovative way to decorate a room.
  • Live with Plants: Use of indoor plants can bring aroma to the life of a room.
  • Small changes can do big: Some replacement of an old hardware could actually change the look of a kitchen or a living room.
    With the tips above transforming a house can be very simple and fun. Further if you have any queries, visit and for queries with Lovelor Custom Size Windows, visit

    The author writes articles on Interior Design and Decorating related topics including Home Makeover and Decor It Yourself.