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Date Added: October 08, 2010 10:42:36 AM

For long time now, complains of checks being rejected in stores and restaurant across America has been a trouble for people in the country. In the recent survey conducted by Ipsos for the consumers across the country has revealed that about ¾ Americans want that they should be given a freedom for paying in whatever mode they want. This survey also revealed that majority of the people across the country are in the opinion to pay through checks and believe it to be the most reliable and convenient option. Although this was revealed the retailers still find that cash and cards are the best options for collecting payments.

For getting their needs and wants fulfilled people across are trying out their initial methods for making themselves heard. These people have also initiated a campaign called ‘Stand Up for Your Right to Write Checks’ where they appeal to be given the option of paying through checks. This campaign is also to reach out to both the consumers and business owners in different ways.

To support this campaign a website named has been launched serving as a central source for content regarding this awareness effort. The site consists of social media, current news related to the campaign, hyperlinks of personal finance resources, related videos and an appeal online where the initiators join their hands with a request for granting them the right to write checks.

It's Your Money, Spend It The Way You Want

The videos present there include humorous series, Duncan Steele, The Man with Checks Appeal’ which has been produced by College Humor. The video is there in order to communicate the idea of how attractive it can be to write checks. The campaign also is linked over Facebook and Twitter where they share fun checking promotional and latest updates of the campaign.

Further the campaign has been planned to go to the neighbouring stores or restaurants in other parts of the country. As a promotional stuff they would also be distributing prizes to those people who would be sighted writing checks. In another effort, many consumers will be provided access to their checks through their checking accounts in collaboration with the banks.

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