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Date Added: October 01, 2010 12:58:53 PM

Ever wondered how the world of 3D TV will look like at our homes. Yes this can be made possible and to experience this one can walk into any of the participating stores near who are the partners in the 3D Demo days. The Consumer Electronics Association in association with ESPN is organising National 3D Demo event where one can get al their answers to questions regarding 3DTV. One can get to know the things required for installation of 3D TV at their homes.

The world around us in the field of technology is advancing day by day and creating new products each day. It’s now due to this new world of emerging technologies that the 3D movies and videos are reaching our homes. Therefore if one wants to get the feel of the world of 3D just walk in a store near by. For getting more information, just logon to the list of 3DTV

During the event ESPN would be featuring continuous 3D programming at all the retail stores across the country. The programs included are live coverage of the Miami vs. Ohio State football game scheduled on September 11 from 3:40 p.m. EST. They have also scheduled to play the highlights of 2010 FIFA World Cup, X Games 16 & Bose State vs. Virginia Tech game from 6th of September.

Now everyone might be wondering whether this new 3D is the same as the blue and red glasses environment of the previous era. No its not that anymore it is a new world of technology brought in our homes where you sit back and relax in the couch of your home the world of 3DTV.

This new concept is surely going to bring a revolution in TV viewing and bring a new dimension altogether.

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