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Date Added: September 04, 2010 05:56:50 AM

There has been a tie up between the American Express the Jean Chatzky a personal finance expert in order to get the families all around America for sitting down with their kids or young adults in the family and talk on a very important matter -Money and all the responsibilities associated with it during the September 16th, ’National Money Night Talk’.

The parents who want to get more information on this could logon to and allocate adequate time to talk on the very important factor today i.e. ’money talk’ with their children or young adults. This website also gives one the platform for providing access to some special videos, FAQs & talk points laid upon by Jean. All of them include the points which should be covered and how they should be communicated across. All these contents are endorsed by the Council of Economic Education There are three basis on which these resources are available i.e. age: middle school, high school & college.

National Money Night Talk Presented by Jean Chatzky and American Express

Thus all the parents having young adults could just access these resources anytime for a good start and a sustainable dialogue on money and after Money Night. can access the Jean Chatzky content now to start and sustain the money dialogue before and beyond Money Night.

Just before the Money Night is going to start, American Express & Jean Chatzky have covered a survey which depicts the money talk among young parents and their children. It suggests that these talks are prevalent today very much more than it was before. The survey suggests that they are in search of tools for an effective talk on this matter. It says that 88% of parents and 79% of the kids surveyed are already talking on this issue among themselves. But around 62% parents have mentioned that they were searching for ways to teach their kids for efficient management of funds.

The author writes articles on money and financial responsibility related topics including money talk and national money night talk.