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Date Added: June 17, 2010 09:01:46 PM

For people who worry about the education system in the country will be very glad indeed to hear about the volunteer program that the Bounty group has initiated in the country. This is one that they have named “Make a clean difference” and is dedicated solely to improving the learning conditions of public schools so that students can learn and be educated in a better and well maintained environment. Studies have shown that the learning environment does directly affect the process of education for students and yet there are still several many schools in the country that are not as well maintained as they should be.

This is the initiative that Bounty as a group took up and even during this year’s National Volunteer week, the group along with many local volunteers were able to stop by the Kingsley Elementary School in Los Angeles and help the school improve the environment. This included repainting rooms and planting flowers as well, whatever they thought would improve the look and the maintenance of the school, making it a lot easier for students to enjoy studying there. The group of volunteers also encourage creativity for which they built a mural in the school whose permanent presence is going to constantly remind the students to be creatively inspired by their surroundings.

What was even more special about this National volunteer Week event was not only that this program by Bounty was a great success, but there were actually celebrities involved in it as well. The Hollywood couple Jennie Barth and her husband Peter Facinelli were also actively a part of this event and they were actually leading the local group of volunteers in taking part in everything that they were doing to better the condition of the school. The couple claims that they were deeply interested in this campaign by Bounty since they are parents to three children and understand the importance of the right atmosphere to allow children to study and be creatively inspired.

There are a total of thirty schools that are going to be improved by the volunteer groups gathered by Bounty, across ten cities in America.

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