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Date Added: July 23, 2008 10:57:21 AM

1. Crystals and gemstones

  • A gleaming stone resolved by the clay is one of the foremost properties a little brood would find on his possession.
  • The rocks, a universal medium of globe are surrounded by everywhere else. We cover the distances along with challenges, our costal areas sands are created by the tiniest gem stones.
  • We beautify ourselves through golden rings and silver ornaments lay down with multi-colored gemstones.
  • Each gemstone and crystal does have an amazing spiritual healing property.
  • The universal environment carries on the path of different gorgeous gem stones and their healing properties which are considered to be the most important for every human being.

Light and colors

  • The colors of gemstones are quite vivid and emphatic such as light-sparkling-gem-stone.
  • All the basic colors of different gem stones are created in the process of rainbow which carries their own distinctive curing elements.
  • The sun itself is a gorgeous looking cure! You would just need to think what life would be like devoid of daylight.
  • It is proved that the shortage of sunshine leads some of the humans into depression and anxiety.
  • A good number of elements used in color therapy are well-known as gem stones, candles, colorful clothes, prims, wands, washing healings and colored eye wear.

Plants and herbs

  • A lot of plants do have the nutritional and remedial elements. The constituents we do intake have a vibrant power alongside the nutritional values.
  • The conduct of promoting we eat is instigated by the Pagan-Origins. The Diva-Empire comprises of aromatic herbs used in vital oils and flower ingredients.
  • Each “Diva” leads its own distinctive ability that could be employed as a basic cure.
  • Cherry plum produces psychic serenity, sacredness, love, affection and acceptance.

4. Nature’s 4 elements

  • The universe is made of 4 distinctive properties including air, earth, fire and water.
  • Each property shows us that where human beings do feel power and lack-ness.
  • The countless psychic healers have discovered a reality that mankind cannot live in the global village without these four unique elements of nature.
  • Each of the properties provides us the best cure both for the physical and psychic structure.

5. Sound and music

  • Both the sound and music tones are the vibrant features of psychic as well as the physical energy.
  • Chanting OM is the first and foremost sound which instigate all of other sounds.
  • Devoid of our voices and ears, communication would be restricted.
  • A lot of sounds are not inspiring to hear chalkboard, train wheel, etc; however some of the sounds are so pleasing to hear by.
  • The universal surroundings provide us a lot of curative tones such as babbling brooks, whale songs, wind in the tree, etc.
  • Some of the sounds like wise and thrilling to listen including drum sound, tuning forks, singing bowls and so on.