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Date Added: April 30, 2008 05:30:03 PM

Art as unique


Art is the expression of distinctiveness.It is employed in form of sculpture, painting, color, lines, craft, shading, carving, figures, graphic and designing, genres, styles, forms and medium etc. Art is the activity which is started from the ancient time and reaches at the modern era.That is the traditional art and modern art.


Art as beyond imagination


Art refers to the hidden reality.It is the most unique expression which goes through the abstraction.That is the art of beyond the imagination.The artist is the abstracted self.When, he goes to draw an image.The doors of beyond the imagination will be opened.He goes in the world of aesthetics.He involves in him self.That is the art of beyond the imagination.


Art as aesthetic


Art is an aesthetic.The artist draws an image through the abstracted expression. He goes into reality beyond the natural world.That is the window which opens beyond the imagination. He applies himself and goes into the world abstraction.All of sudden a beautiful and aesthetic image is draw.This could be in form of a tree, pottery, scenery, male beauty, female figurines, gods and goddesses etc.

Art as skill


Art is the skill. It is used in form aesthetic.The artist draws an image by the techniques of lines, shading, crafting, carving, colors, dexterity, graphics etc.He goes into universe of abstraction; where he generalizes the consciousness and unconsciousness.Abruptly an image is drawn as a universal reality.That is the art of beyond the imagination.


Art as sensibility


Art is the expression of sensibility.It is the process of artist’s conscious and unconsciousness. The kind of abstraction as well as the imagination would be the absolute requirement for drawing the image.The sensibility is also the process of commence sense.It is carried on through the realistic expressions of history and future.Moreover the six senses are also come into the procession of sensibility.That is the ultimate reality which goes on with the artistic sensibility.Therefore the artist goes through various abstractions of sensibility.


Art as beauty


Art is the beauty.It is the ultimate reality of art that touches ever body’s heart.The beauty is what. It is the expression of existence.The beauty lies in mind and heart.It is like a crystal which never blemish.Moreover the beauty is the symbol of attractiveness.Therefore the artist draws an image through the abstraction of close window.That goes beyond the imagination.All of a sudden an image is drawn in form of beauty.That is the symbolism of art.


Art as emotions


Art is the expression of emotions.It goes beyond the natural world.The enthusiasm is the core value of an artist.The artist draws an image with the expressions of emotions and sensations. It needs an indeed level of abstraction and imagination beyond the universal globe.Emotion is what. It is the goal of an artist to draw the real image before the audience.It is the spirit of artists which attracts the public.It is the expression of love, peace and comfort of an artist before the audience.That is the art of emotions and sensation.


Art as sensitivity


Art is the expression of sensitivity.It goes through the process of abstraction. Sensitivity is what. It is the feeling, emotions, understanding and love of an artist.The artist draws an image with full of sensation and sensitivity to attract the audience.The public likes the sensitivity of an artist; because they are also sensitive.That is the art beyond the sensations and imaginations really.


Art as mood and behavior


Art is the expression of mood and behavior.It goes beyond the imagination.It elucidates the theme of images where different moods and their swings are shown.The artist very sincerely draws an image.That covers up the activity of a particular man and woman.For example the artists highlight the images of a beautiful woman who does not want to embrace her lover.That is the kind of mood and swing, shown in an image.It could be more lovely, sexy, kissy, touchy and romantic etc.This is the art of beyond the imagination.


Art for art sake


Art is for art sake.That is the great expression art. It means that the beauty, charm, and pleasure of art will never be ended.It is full of sensations, romance and emotions.It is art which goes beyond the imagination of universal world.It is the art which attracts the audience and wins their hearts. It is the art which defines the values of Paleolithic art and modern era art works.It is the art which beautify the female figurines.For example the artists have astoundingly drawn the beautiful female figurines of Paleolithic art. Moreover art is the arena of compactness, patience and morals.It is the art which shows the dynasty and cultures around the world.That is the art for art sake.


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