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Date Added: February 12, 2008 08:51:47 PM

Media demonstration has been increased rapidly and a time came when we are getting ride of print media and beginning most of our work and studies through Internet.


Consequently, there are a huge number of editors, writers and media-providers that appeared at that great surface with an interest to publish on the Internet. As a new way to expand their work via Internet and joining thousands of readers there, a separate platform called “BLOG” had been devised.


BLOG! We are always hearing that magic word and sometimes are puzzling about its meaning.


Well, following lines will throw some light on this new topic BLOG, its definition, importance, various types of blogs, and at last how to make money from it.


Defining a “BLOG”


It’s a surprise when we know that people had maintained the blogs and dealt with before they know the term’s name!! “BLOG” is like an agenda, a diary, and a page of a journal that had been created and hosted on a website. It includes links, graphics, charts, chat messenger and all you can’t imagine.


Blog” is also called web logs or weblog, but "blog" seems less likely to cause confusion, as "web log" can also mean a server's log files. Blog became now the most used word online. Many big websites specified most of their sites’ pages for blogs and encouraging visitors to create their own for free. Entries of blogs are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.


Blog Types
Similar to different writings for print media, there are different types of blogs one must know before embarking on to blogging. They include medical, political, economical, social, literature blogs and also blogs for poetry, novels and even blogs for dating. However, experts classified blogs into three types, closed, conduit and participation in conversation.


Closed blogs” include writing on babies or wedding blogs. They are characterized with small size and the sympathy in connection.


Conduit blogs” are types of writing that act as a conduit or channel between members, information, etc. They are bigger in size and use more audience contact.


Conversation blogs” are the biggest of blog type, which may be divided into other smaller blogs and contained continuous way of connect. Unlike the above two types, these blogs are useful for marketing.


BLOG Importance


“Blogs” became a corner stone on the Internet web. They represented the fastest and easiest way to get up-to-date information and news. It became an important reference for other writers, books, dates, politics, economics, organizations, governments and other topics that couldn’t be reached unless enter the web.


The visitor of the blog can communicate easily with its creator and exchange feelings and support. The most important issue of blogs is the ability to use them as a medium of marketing. You can advertise the information about your product, put some lovely pictures of it, explain its utility and of course bid for the price. You can gain more consumers via your blog. To increase blog traffic, is to increase selling of the product.


How to make money from your blog?


As soon as the blog is created, its owner wishes he could make some money from it. The best way is to seek of advertising. Advertising in blogs may be lesser in cost that those in the big web sites and media people are looking for dealing with blogs owner to demonstrate their advertising and advertisement there, on the blogs. There is nowadays a famous way to get money in the blog. Added to the advertising, there’s an affiliate program. Blog traffic will be increased as soon as the blog owner joined programs and sites. When increasing traffic in the blog, it should keep maintaining visitors to the bog and inviting more of their friends and relatives to visit it. The more visitors came to the blog, the more bonuses increased in the traffic programs, which will be translated to more money. Blog became the shortest way, which is guiding you to rich life.


Better Blogging: Handy Tips


When creating a blog, it must express the character of its owner. I think it should avoid much colors and links. Blog ought to be simple as much as possible to leave the space for words and pictures to speak about desired information. The owner of the blog can do a section of daily slogan, a favorite picture, news of today, and some popular comments on daily events, which add a beautiful meaning.


To blog or not to blog…………it’s your selection anyway!! But we know you would want to blog after knowing blogs can be your source of money generation! Happy blogging!


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