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Date Added: July 17, 2007 10:27:03 AM

The Fashion savvy world is changing at the fastest possible speed. Today’s fashion will soon be outdated or history tomorrow. The coming future brings about a lot of changes in the way people have started perceiving the way they dress. Therefore it often becomes important to stay on the line with all the existing fashion trends. All parts of the world follow distinguished fashion rules. We can track down a lot of historical nuances with and find out the inception of beauty and fashion styles. Sometimes these fashion trends are highly influenced by the celebrities, or something that is inspired from natural elements or some styles from the streets. These fashion fluctuations can also be recognized as the effect of media on the common masses. It is pretty obvious that the newer fashion styles are greatly adapted from the ancient styles, it becomes mandatory to keep an update about the present as well as the passed trends. It would be a far more detailed topic to discuss the dissimilar cultural influences on the ever increasing fashion industry. The modern fashion has the most outraging and a proactive face and there are a lot of resources such as books, magazines and brochures that help you keep in pace with the changing styles of fabrics and accessories. There are write ups that give an in depth knowledge about the changing trends from all areas of the planet along with some on going suggestions to improve the fashion in the present epoch.      

In the present time and age, fashion is not just restricted to the conventional stores that sell the latest in thing but there are art mediums like music, films and modern art that also share a fashion perspective. The influence of fashion can also be observed in the changing trends of cuisine. The fashion shows that are organized all over the world not only reflect some astonishing faces but also bring about an awareness about the culture and the dressing styles in different areas. However, there are still a lot of issues raised about the authenticity of such shows and the depiction of culture and ethnicities in them.
While considering the history accounts, it has often been proved that fashion has played an important role in the evaluation of the social order. There are clear differences marked when it comes to gender and class. Such a distinct era of clothing started within the Victorian period where in different modes of dressing were introduced. And from the ancient times, women have always been known to take a better interest in their clothing than the men. Slowly and gradually, there came a trend of dressing on basis of the weather. It became necessary to bring about some diverse styles in the winter wear, spring clothing and summer wear. Classification of fabrics along with the weather is a vast subject in itself and its inception brought the biggest revolution in the fashion industry. The ones who went to work followed a separate dressing style by itself and then was introduced the model of office wear. In the social decorum, it was always considered that the wealthiest folks dressed far better than the rest of the people, but the middle class is extraordinarily known to emulate manners and etiquettes associated with the style. Therefore, it is closely obvious that fashion plays a large role in reinforcing the social order lines.

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