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Date Added: July 05, 2007 08:00:14 AM

The art of cinema is the art that was incepted way back in the fourteenth century with the very talked about mannerist art movement and the art of cinema have only moved to greater heights after that. If we consider the chronological instances of the ancient art forms in the traditional art styles that vary from the conventional Egyptian frescoes to the arches and the mosaics of the fourth century Roman empire. The medieval and the gothic art movements follow respectively. These kinds of art forms are very frequently stated in the Bible and can also be very easily observed through the ancient form of architecture and sculpture. Talking about the architectural design, the tall pointed arches that we find on the cathedrals today are nothing but the solutions to the faults in the Roman structures. These arches gave the capability to the cathedrals to build thinner glass walls and then stained glasses were introduced to the mankind.

The Renaissance started around the same time in the fourteenth century in Italy. The word itself means rebirth and depicts the beginning of some important achievements in the classical art world. This epoch has witnessed some of the biggest names in the world of art right from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michel Angello, Raphael, Sandro, Botticelli and many others. These were the most essential personalities in carrying forward the art movement. The symbolized perfection and their pieces of work became the best within a passage of time. Their sincerity toward their work cannot be matched even today. There was a strong association between the mannerisms and renaissance and therefore a movement of mannerism can also be seen the art of cinema today.

Renaissance was at its peak when all the major discovery and mathematical problems were solved and then it gave out some room for the artists to discover something else and that was a new beginning then. The perfection in their work was flawless and that had to be reflected somewhere else too. Initially, the renaissance artists learned the art and then as they mastered the art they took another perspective and that was they started learning from the art. This led to the mannerism movement!

The mannerism movement was made up of several figures or individuals deliberately positioned in several forms from perfection to distortion and complete use was made of all the parts of the body. Then began the use of hands and legs with the torso and new postures were discovered every now and then. This age saw some great stylish postures and authenticated many dramatic themes. From time to time, there was a great revolt against the mannerist movement as it also depicted a plentitude of scenes containing violence and sexual acts. After the mannerist movement got some momentum some other important discoveries were made and those are the foundations to today’s modern cinema. In the late nineteenth century, Thomas Edison made a path breaking invention of the Kinetoscope and the “video” was born along with it. With the birth of the video, the silent movie era was introduced and then Warner brothers took an initiative to bring the vitaphone system in the black and white age of the movies. The new system developed by the Warner brothers was fully capable of adding sound to the silent movies. Ever since, around eight decades have passed by and video has been escalating at the best possible speed. At the present time and age, there are the digital videos with the finest quality of cinema across the globe.

The human race has managed to reach the perfection and it only makes one wonder about the next coming thing. Are we ever going to go beyond the present? Well a lot of great minds have dedicated their lives behind these discoveries and inventions and will continue to do this in the coming future as well. The digital art form today has the capability to alter everything. There are these several visual effects in movies which can very often be mistaken as real happenings but if we go back to the basics, those can all be called as alterations of the mannerist movement.

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