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Art is the expression of distinctiveness. It is employed in form of sculpture, painting, color, lines, craft, shading, carving, figures, graphic and designing, genres, styles, forms and medium etc. Art is the activity which is started from the ancient time and reaches at the modern era. That is the traditional art and modern art.

The Fashion savvy world is changing at the fastest possible speed. Today’s fashion will soon be outdated or history tomorrow. The coming future brings about a lot of changes in the way people have started perceiving the way they dress. Therefore it often becomes important to stay on the line with all the existing fashion trends. All parts of the world follow distinguished fashion rules. We can track down a lot of historical nuances with and find out the inception of beauty and fashion styles.

The art of cinema is the art that was incepted way back in the fourteenth century with the very talked about mannerist art movement and the art of cinema have only moved to greater heights after that. If we consider the chronological instances of the ancient art forms in the traditional art styles that vary from the conventional Egyptian frescoes to the arches and the mosaics of the fourth century Roman empire.